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Eco Paint – Collaboration with Victory Colours.

We are very excited to announce collaboration with an amazing Eco Paint brand – Victory Colours. Victory Colours is an independent family business which has been in the Manufacturing and Decorating Industry for many years.  It was not until we started to have our families that we became increasingly mindful of the environmental damage being done to our planet. When we brought these small people into the world we began to notice all the ‘nasties’ in that existed in everything, from foods, packaging, carpets, vehicles… the list goes on. We realised that although we cannot directly change the other things, except to avoid them or to lobby against them, we could actually do something to reduce the environmental impact of our own product range.

Qualities & Benefits | Victory Colours Eco paint has a technically advanced formulation which gives outstanding resistance to stains, which if you have mucky kids like ours, you need as much stain resistance as possible! The same goes for the durability of our paint.  It has great washability properties making it the perfect choice for families or households with pets.  Opacity is high, which gives greater coverage, meaning that theoretically you need to use less of it which offers a financial (and time!) saving.

  • Beautiful colours
  • Exceptional quality & opacity
  • Durable, colourfast & washable
  • Easy application
  • Solvent-free
  • Virtually VOC-free
  • Exceptionally low odour
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