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I'm Olga, designer and founder of a British homeware brand Olenka Design. Celebrating diversity and my cultural heritage, I love to explore connections between past and present times to create truly unique designs. My bold floral patterns embody traditional folk art with a modern colour palette.


My mission is to inspire you and encourage creativity in your renovation project, helping you achieve your decorating goals and create a beautiful home that reflects your personality.


Olenka wallpapers and fabrics are printed in the UK by established manufacturers, where the experienced staff make sure the products meet all the standard UK requirements and guarantee the best quality.


For more inspiration, ways to use colour and patterns in home decor follow me on Instagram and Facebook. You can also sign up to my newsletter for news and updates.

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My Values





My bold floral patterns are inspired by traditional folk art and painting style called Khokhloma, which has a fascinating story and roots going back to the 17th century. Traditionally, the striking Khokhloma patterns were hans-painted by highly skilled craftsmen with piece being a unique artistic improvisation.

High quality design is one of my key values. Therefore, each of my intricate designs is painted by hand with great attention to detail. Because I work with a pattern repeat in mind, essential for wallpaper and fabric, I sketch my designs initially.


There are many benefits to manufacturing in the UK and buying UK-made goods. It helps to promote greener and more sustainable practices, sustain employment and local economies, retain and pass-on skills.


Olenka wallpapers are printed by Lancashire based wallpaper specialists Surface Print and John Mark.


Olenka fabrics are printed by Kent based fabric printing specialists Prinfab.


Olenka lampshades are made by London based company Innermost.


Olenka wallpapers are printed on non-woven base. Non Woven Base – 45% of Non Woven is wood pulp (cellulose fibres), which is a natural fibre, which is completely biodegradable and comes from FSC certified Forests (well managed Forests). 15% of Non woven is polyester fibres, there is a mixture of Aliphatic (biodegradable) and Aromatic (non degradable) fibres. To summarise a high percentage of non woven is biodegradable. Non woven is also recyclable and goes into the ‘Mixed Paper Range.’


Printing Inks – all our inks are Acrylic and are classed as water based, non-toxic and very low in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). The positive characteristics of Acrylic inks are they have little or no fumes, quick drying times, environmentally safe, water clean-up and long lasting colourfastness.



Olenka fabrics are printed using OEKO-TEX Eco Passport certified ink. Fabrics is sourced responsibly from UK manufacturers and distributers. All of the fabrics have been independently tested and passed the EN71-3 chemical safety standard.


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My Story

Olenka: The story behind the brand.


Khokhloma - Inspiration behind Olenka Designs.

Khokhloma Bird
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