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Decorating with pattern: A guide to creating harmony in your luxury home interior.

Decorating with pattern: A guide to creating harmony in your luxury home interior.

In a busy world it’s easy to get swept up in all the monotony of day to day events. Constantly rushing around from one responsibility to the next. But what if I told you that how you style and enjoy your interior space can make a big difference to all of this. I imagine that you’re probably intrigued, at least I hope you are,  so if you’d like to read on, I’ll explain; and give you some wonderful little tips on decorating with pattern along the way.

For luxury interior lovers, pattern is a fundamental part of creating the most perfect interior space. It’s the difference between mundane and magical, or ordinary and extraordinary, it’s that simple. A thoughtful use of pattern is a beautiful thing, as it elevates an interior design into something you can really feel. And that’s where my guide begins, because I’m not going to talk about how to use one pattern with another. Instead, I’m going to take you on a journey where we’ll explore pattern from a different perspective, one of feelings and emotions. Ultimately how using patterns effectively within your home interior will make you feel. And how this can then shape your feelings toward your  home, life and beyond. So in this guide, we’re going to explore how you can use pattern, to not only create harmony in your luxury home, but harmony in your mind too.

Vintage dressing table

Upcycled Dressing Table Set – Andi Gregg Art

Understanding the impact of pattern on your mind and mindfulness.

It’s true that colours and patterns can affect your mood, you only have to look at the colours chosen in certain settings. Pale greens and blues seem to be a favourite in therapeutic settings, whereas brighter more vibrant colours are more often seen in fun entertainment spaces. The psychology of using colour in this way is widely accepted, but what about pattern? Have you ever thought that pattern can also evoke the same types of emotions as colour obviously does. I like to think of it as pattern language, which together with a mindful use of colour, creates an emotionally soothing environment. Or perhaps, if you’d prefer the opposite, a bold use of colour with a more abstract pattern language, will bring a sense of fun and frivolity.

So you see, it’s not only colour choices that impact on your luxury home interior, it’s also the patterns that you choose to use too. As patterns can definitely affect how you feel, much the same as your favourite colour combinations clearly do. Olenka design perfectly captures the essence of this concept, with stunning wallpaper and fabric designs that never fail to add positive vibes to any luxury interior space. Decorating with the those colourful floral patterns will leave you feeling fabulous!

Living room with black and gold floral wallpaper feature wall

Milana Gold wallpaper – Olenka Design

Choosing the perfect pattern for you and your luxury interior.

So how easy is it to choose the perfect pattern to compliment your luxury interior style? Well it all depends on what you want to achieve and how you want that design to make you feel; never underestimate the feeling part of this, as it’s all about the feels.  It’s true that you’ll probably find yourself drawn to particular patterns, but have you ever wondered why this might be.  Ultimately, your interior space is an extension of who you are and your need to reflect this is demonstrated in the choices that you make. So when you begin the process of choosing that special wallpaper for your newly renovated room, just take a moment, sit back and let the patterns speak to you. How do they make you feel,  are you drawn to one pattern more than another. Once you have a shortlist of your favourites, order samples  and look at the colours and designs in your actual room. This will always give you the best representation of the design and there’s really nothing better. Plus, when it’s all about emotions, the touch and feel of the actual design is a huge part of the process too.

Psychology and the Power of Decorating Pattern.

“ Design is where science and art break even” Robin Mathews.

I’m sure you’ll have heard of the term, “judging a book by its cover”, but have you ever thought about what that statement actually means. Another example of this and one which I can definitely get behind, is choosing a bottle of wine. If you know a selection of wines are all equally good, which one do you choose? Do you stand for ages, considering the innate qualities of each grape, or narrow it down based on the design of the label.  I know what I like, but those patterns and colours do have the power to draw me in. So it actually comes down to psychology and the way a particular pattern makes you feel; and that’s a pretty amazing thing. For example, patterns featuring soft organic shapes with uneven edges are all around us in nature, making them familiar and instantly recognisable. When you’re drawn to these organic pattern types, you’ll create a sense of comfort and wellbeing in your interior space. One which will never feel cold or uninviting, just warm, cosy and always familiar.

Decorating with pattern. Blackberry Wine wallpaper by Olenka Design

Blackberry Wine wallpaper – Olenka Design

Unlock a Feeling of Nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing and should never be underestimated when planning that perfect interior space. Nostalgic moments from past experiences can heavily influence your choice of pattern and design, because it links those memories to the here and now. Creating a sense of warmth, comfort and maybe a longing for a time that’s passed. It’s very meaningful and definitely significant, as wonderful memories of the past also connect you to the future. A lovely and very current example of this is vintage furniture, where the shape and style of a piece can bring back lovely memories of childhood. Perhaps you remember sitting at your Grannies dressing table, looking into the mirror and applying makeup for the first time; and laughing when it went horribly wrong.


The balance though is to take those memories and create something really beautiful, like this stunning Andi Gregg Art designed dressing table set, which offers a nod to the future whilst celebrating the emotional nostalgia of the past. This original 1950’s dressing table has been enhanced by the beauty of modern design, where vintage meets art in the best possible way. The addition of a decoupaged wallpaper design from the beautiful Raspberry sage collection by Olenka Design, has created a vintage masterpiece. Which will not only add beauty to your luxury interior, but a feel good factor too! Incorporating charming furniture pieces into your home interior is an elegant way of decorating with pattern.

Decorating with pattern. Upcycled Dressing table set

Upcycled Dressing Table Set – Andi Gregg Art


The feel Good Factor of Decorating with Pattern.

Luxury design isn’t all about expense and the most high end finishes you can find. As in this instance, it’s more about creating a space that reflects your personality and envelops you in a warm hug. It needs to inspire comfort, evoke emotions and to create an atmosphere where you can truly relax.  But how can you achieve this in a harmonious way that will elevate your interior style to a whole new level.

Firstly forget the misconception that patterns always need to be bold, loud or overwhelming and instead think of the patterns that speak to you. If you love bold and brash, then fantastic! you’ve found your niche, but if you prefer calm, or even whimsical, then these can be your focus. So, whatever your style there are designs to meet your unique pattern personality. But how do you use this across your interior in a thoughtful way and without pattern overload.  Well first of all patterns have the extraordinary power to transform a room, they add visual interest, depth and even a touch of whimsy. So embrace this with the addition of patterned items such as rugs and lampshades. This beautiful hand crafted lampshade, created by Irene at Sealed with Love, uses the glorious Olenka Design Alice green fabric and  demonstrates a rather perfect use of pattern on something a little different. As you can see decorating with pattern can simply mean including just a few accent pieces.

Decorating with pattern. Alice Green lampshade

Alice Green Lampshade – Sealed With Love Durham


Other perfect pattern additions are cushions, and lots of them, as they offer a very elegant way to add interest to a room. Patterned cushions also bring an element of comfort to a space too, which instantly offers a feeling of calm and peacefulness.

Folk-inspired cushions made with red linen fabric

Cushions made using Lada fabric, Olenka Design

Another wonderful way to add a timeless elegance is through the use of both vintage and historical items, which are not only unique, but also full of rich design history. And as they’re also very individual, they’re always a good conversation starter! But one of the most popular and easy way of decorating with pattern has to be the feature wall. It never fails to wow and always offers a fabulous focal point, whatever your choice of design. Just look at these amazing walls featuring Olenka Design Alice Meadow.  They’re  simply perfect and just elevate each interior space into a wondrous sanctuary.

Decorating with pattern. Warm white paint and floral wallpaper

Alice Meadow wallpaper – Olenka Design


So to sum up, pattern in interior design is so much more than stripes, florals, or checks and much more about colours, shapes and emotions. It’s about how a design makes you feel, but more importantly, why it makes you feel this way. Do you feel nostalgic when you recognise a design from your past, or wonderfully calm due to that gorgeous organic pattern you just can’t get enough of. Either way, pattern has the power to evoke these feelings, bringing a glorious new dimension to your home, whilst also being good for the soul. So be bold and listen to your heart. Your perfect pattern language is there waiting to be discovered, you just have to believe.

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