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Viva Magenta in wallpaper design – Pantone colour of the year 2023!

Viva Magenta- Pantone colour of the year 2023

Pantone have announced that their pick for Colour of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta! This vivid colour is described as being both powerful and empowering. It’s a new animated hue that revels in pure unapologetic joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint.


Magenta in wallpaper and fabric design.

Inspired by Viva Magenta, Olenka Design are pleased to offer bold floral wallpaper and fabric designs that will add a splash of this powerful colour to your living space. In fact, we love this colour so much we featured it in our two floral designs: Milana Hot Pink&Grey and Velina Tropical. And if that was not enough, we featured magenta colour in Olenka logo too!

Magenta bath and floral wallpaper Old Magenta sofa and floral wallpaper

Viva Magenta is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. It is brave and fearless colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous celebration.

Our designs containing natural motifs of leaves and flowers feature colour palette where Magenta is a hero colour. Feminine, decadent and beautifully styled, they are a perfect way to add a splash of Viva Magenta to your home. Magenta accents in wallpaper, fabric, or accessories are a great way to incorporate this vivid colour into your room scheme without overpowering it. For an elegant scheme pair it with muted tones such as cool greys, light blues or lilac.

Magenta in Milana wallpaper and velvet fabric.

Milana Hot Pink&Grey features swirls of exquisitely detailed flowers and leaves, complemented by freehand brush strokes. And the colour palette of greys, back and hot pink accents gives the traditional pattern a modern twist, making it a stunning wall feature.

Dressing room with Magenta curtain, puff, and Magenta and grey floral wallpaper

Mood board featuring Magenta and Grey floral wallpaper

Magenta and grey velvet fabric

Magenta in Velina wallpaper and velvet fabric.

Velina Tropical is a statement wallpaper. Bold pink flowers offset against a contrasting tropical blue background, complemented by midnight blue leaves. Velina Tropical wallpaper will create a beautiful feature wall in character living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms.

Magenta and blue floral wallpaper, yellow chair with velvet cushion, metallic bird and plant.

Magenta and blue floral fabric



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